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23 Former Thunder AAA Hockey Club Student Athletes Currently Playing NCAA D1 Hockey

By T1EHL Staff, 12/11/18, 1:45PM CST


The Thunder AAA Hockey Club has always held its players to the highest caliber not only on the ice but also in the classroom. Thunder AAA Hockey Club is proud to say there are currently 23 former players from their organization that have gone on to play hockey at the D1 collegiate level. This goes to show just how truly dedicated these players are to the sport they love and to their studies. 


Many young hockey players dream about going on to the NHL. Playing for an NCAA D1 school can help get them there. (Read more on that from the NHL here). For students that play hockey, going to a D1 school will help them earn the college education they are looking for plus the potential to further prepare for careers within the NHL. Numerous current NHL players played for NCAA D1 schools before heading to the highest level of professional hockey. 


NCAA D1 schools offers student athletes incredible opportunities not only for their sport but also for their academics. In order to get into a D1 school student athletes must hold their GPAs to a high standard in order to even be considered. Time management is huge when it comes to a student’s studies and when playing a sport, can sometimes be difficult to handle. But where do you think that these former 23 players from the Thunder first learned that from—on their former home ice. “Over the past 15 years, advancing student-athletes has always been one of our points on focus and as we all know, each of our young players all dream of playing NCAA D1 Hockey," said Nathan Bowen, the President of Thunder AAA Hockey Club. 


Congrats to the Thunder on their continued success in advancing their players to the highest levels of competitive hockey!


Listed below are the 23 Thunder AAA Hockey Club alumni who are currently playing NCAA D1 Hockey.


  • Adam Wilcox (1994)-Alabama-Huntsville  
  • Zach Yoder (1994)-Ferris State University 
  • Gabriel Chabot (1995)-Boston University 
  • Malcolm Hayes (1995)-University of Alaska-Anchorage 
  • Austin Beaulieu (1996)-Alabama-Huntsville 
  • Mitchell Fossier (1996)-University of Maine
  • Nathan Krusko (1996)-Harvard University 
  • Paul McAvoy (1996)-Colgate University 
  • Jared Rosburg (1996)-Michigan State University 
  • Teddy Rotenberger (1996)-Alabama-Huntsville 
  • Brandon Shultz (1996)-Northeastern University 
  • Connor Wood (1996)-Alabama-Huntsville 
  • Filips Buncis (1997)-Arizona State University 
  • Matt Jennings (1997)-Ohio State University 
  • Austin O’Rourke (1997)-University of Massachusetts-Lowell 
  • Andrew Sinard (1997)-Miami University 
  • Josh Wilkins (1997)-Providence College 
  • Scott Corbett (1998)-Miami University 
  • Cameron Donaldson (1998)-Cornell University 
  • William Schlagenhauf (1998)-Bentley University 
  • Zach Solow (1998)-Northeastern University 
  • Erik Gordon (1999)-College of the Holy Cross
  • Jackson Pierson (1999)-University of New Hampshire