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By T1EHL Staff, 11/26/18, 1:45PM CST


The Tier 1 Elite League is proud to introduce you to Jasper Lester of the U18 Colorado Rampage!


Have you recently committed to a NCAA program or been drafted into the OHL, WHL, NAHL or NHL? Are you excited at the prospect of playing in the higher levels of hockey?

As of now I haven’t committed to playing at any level of hockey that is higher than the Tier 1 Elite Hockey League but I am definitely striving to be the best player that I can be so that I can give myself the best opportunity to showcase how I am as a player so that I can move on and play at the highest level possible.


How did playing in the Tier 1 Elite Hockey League prepare you to move forward?

The Tier 1 Elite Hockey League is one of the best places for a player to develop and play a very high level of hockey. This league has helped me develop as a player because it is a very fast league that has a great amount of skill and also is very physical as well. All of these aspects are present in higher levels of hockey so the Tier 1 Elite Hockey League is a great place that I found was able to prepare me for the next level. 


Are there any moments that really stand out for you from playing in Tier 1?

One of the best parts of playing in the Tier 1 Elite Hockey League is that you have the opportunity to be able to travel the country while playing the game that you love! Multiple times out of the year you are able to travel to play in a showcase that is in another part of the country- playing at least four high paced games but also experiencing what different parts of the country are like.


What would you say is the best part of your game?

To me, I feel like the best parts of my game come from my skating and positioning on the ice. I feel like my thinking for the game helps me know where I have to be to make the right play at the right time whether that be making a pass when I need to or using my skating to get into a better position to make a play. At higher levels, I feel like you have to be able to skate very efficiently because it is a very high paced environment and being in the right position on the ice can help you make the right play at the right time.


What do you like to do when you are not playing hockey?

When I’m not on the ice I really like being outside and being with my family and friends. I’m from Colorado and there are lots of things to do outside. In the summer I like going on hikes with my friends and enjoying the nice weather. When it is winter outside I really love going into the mountains and snowboarding down a mountain with my friends and family. 


Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge?

Throughout my hockey career, it would be hard to name all the people that have helped me along my journey of playing high-level hockey, but I can name a few that have been there with me for a long time and helping me get where I want to go. I would first like the thank my Dad for always giving me advice for not only what I should be doing on the ice but also in life. He has been there since before I can remember and I love him for that. I would also like to thank my coach Luke Fulgham for pushing me these last few years and giving me the opportunity to succeed. As well as my coach Andrew Sherman for giving me guidance and advice when I don’t ask for it but he knows that it will help me in the future. Lastly, I would like to thank coach Jon Eng who has worked with me for the longest time to push me and help me get better each and every day. Not only is he my coach but he is also a great friend of mine as well. 


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