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How to Tackle First Game Jitters

By T1EHL Staff, 09/24/19, 11:15AM CDT


Nerves are a natural part of life for athletes, but there’s something different about them on the day of the first game.

This is a big day, where they venture into the unknown and start wondering if they’re ready.

Many youth athletes wake up on game day with an upset stomach; not literally upset, but just fluttering that comes with butterflies. It’s a similar feeling most kids have on the first day of school, usually along with their parents.

Is it possible to get rid of first game jitters? No, but there are tips and trips you can follow to tame them.

  1. The first step is acknowledging the nerves. Don’t get aggravated with yourself and it’s important for parents not to do the same with their kids.
  2. Eating a nutritious breakfast is always important, but especially on game days when athletes tend to exert themselves more. While it’s important, nerves might make you shy away from eating, but something as simple as a glass of juice or a granola bar can help give you the energy you need to perform.
  3. Remember that you’re not in it alone and your teammates are more than likely feeling the same way. Lean on each other!

It’s important to remember that nerves are inevitable but if you plan for them, it can make the process of getting past them smoother.

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