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Top Five College Recruiting Tips

By T1EHL Staff, 07/17/19, 10:15AM CDT


College recruiting can be a complicated, time-consuming, and sometimes confusing process. More than likely, you’ll only go through this process only once, so you’re going to have many questions. While everyone’s journey is different, most recruits face similar issues and challenges. Here are top five tips from USA Today’s recruiting partner,

1. Start Early

If you wait to start the college recruiting process the summer following your junior year of high school, you’ll likely be in “panic mode” your entire senior year. Recently, the NCAA’s Division I Council approved rule changes in the spring that alter the recruiting timeline for Division I men’s hockey prospects. Conversations can start as early as Jan. 1 of a prospect’s sophomore year and offers can’t be made prior to Aug. 1 of the prospect’s junior year.


2. NCAA Division I is Not the Only Option

Most high school athletes dream of being recruited by a NCAA Division I school, but it is not the only option. You can find athletic scholarships in most sports at the NCAA Division II, NAIA, and junior college levels.


3. Don’t Rely on Someone Else to Find Your Scholarship

Be the driver, not the passenger in your college recruiting journey. If you rely on someone else to find your scholarship, you may not like the result.


4. Academics Manner

Parents and students often don’t understand the importance of academics in the college recruiting process and the emphasis that college athletic programs place on grades. While talent is important, it can only get you so far at this level of recruiting.

5. Develop a Game Plan and Be Persistent

The best advice to give to any recruit is to develop a game plan and be persistent. Doing so will give you an outline to follow and allow you to be persistent in following up with schools and coaches.

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