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Tips on Making a Good Impression on College Coaches

By T1EHL Staff, 06/17/19, 10:15AM CDT


The coach communication date is officially underway as of June 15, meaning D1 college coaches and rising high school juniors are allowed to communicate. This includes emails, phone calls, texts, social media messages, and face-to-face contact.

Are you wanting to make a good first impression? Here are a few tips from an article by Next College Student Athlete:

Start with an Introductory Email

This is a great way to break the ice and get your stats to coaches, but don’t be generic and make sure to customize each email to different coaches to make yourself standout.

Follow-Up with a Phone Call

Putting yourself out there is the first-step but keeping the line of contact open and reminding busy coaches in recruiting season who you are is key to making a good impression.

Stay in Touch with Social Media

This is another way to keep the line of communication open and a great way to track your development, as many coaches use social media all throughout the recruiting process.

You can read the full article here: